The Art Bar Cafe LLC Glass Mosaic studio was founded by Cathy Christy O’Connor and Bernie O’Connor.  Both Cathy and Bernie’s professional  careers has involved working in advertising agencies, publishing houses, and graphic design firms. They have also owned their own creative firm,  producing custom publishing projects, web sites and full marketing programs for many national clients. Now, having retired from the many  demanding clients and insane deadlines, they are having fun creating original, one-of-a-kind glass mosaic art work.

The Art Bar Cafe LLC is nestled in rural Pennsylvania and we share
our home with two crazed Bichon rescues and a handful of Parakeets. Outside in the cornfields surrounding us we often spot Deer, Pheasant, Possums and all sorts of scurrying and flying things.  Even an occasional bear or two. One of which decided to spend a weekend sleeping in the tree closest to the the house.

OK, why the Art Bar Cafe for a name?
The studio occupies almost our whole basement but with plenty of room for visitors. Sometimes when friends and family gather here, we will do an art project together. These could range from glass mosaics, painting, collages or just some serious doodling. Naturally when people are together having fun, good food and beverages are soon to follow.  Somewhere along the way, “Going to The Art Bar Cafe” catch phrase was coined to refer to our get togethers. So when the time came to formalize our business, it was only natural we choose to use it.  Sorry though, if you visit us at an Arts and Crafts show, we can only entertain you with pieces of our unique glass mosaic art.

The Art Bar Cafe LLC.
No Food. No Drink. Just Art. Glass Mosaic Art.

Thank you for visiting our site.
Cathy & Bernie

P.S. If you would like to see a family of Foxes that moved into our yard last summer, please click here. The slideshow will open in another window. Just close it to return to The Art Bar Cafe LLC.