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REV NAK WS RED copy24″ X 24″
Glass mosaic and colored gems mounted  in a custom  made, painted wooden shadow box.

The Legend of Namaka and Pele

Namaka and Pele are Hawaiian Goddesses, as well as sisters that didn’t always get along.  The sea Goddess, Namaka was married to Aukele, who had an eye for the beautiful fire Goddess Pele.

While strolling on the beach one day , Namaka found the two embracing in a rather non-sister-in-law and brother–in-law fashion. Namaka lunged at Pele, but Pele managed to escape to the other side of the island, where she had hidden a boat. She rowed for many miles to the island of Kauai. As soon as her boat touched the beach, she began digging a fire pit, after all being a Volcano Goddess she needs fire in order to survive. However, Namaka sent a tsunami to quench the flames.

Pele moved to Oahu and dug a bigger fire , but Namaka spotted the smoke rising from Diamond Head betrayed Pele’s new address and again, Namaka sent a tsunami to douse the fires.
Namaka finally caught up with Pele on Maiu and the battle lasted for months. When the dust cleared, Namaka dove back into the sea leaving bones scattered all over the beach. To this day the masses of broken lava beneath Haleakala are called Naiwi O Pele (the bones of Pele).

Time passed, Namaka and Aukele made up. On one of their midnight strolls along the beach, they glanced to the big island of Hawaii and saw smoke and flames rising from Kilauea. Pele was back.
It isn’t easy to kill a fire goddess.

See Pele on the next post.

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HINDU GODS FINAL RED copy25″ X 13″ in Diameter
(Custom Steel Base)
Combined weight: 100lbs.
Glass mosaic on concrete form.
Gods lift off  Steel base for shipping and ease of installation.

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Taxes where applicable.)



Glass mosaic, colored gems, mounted on wood with a
gold-gilt frame and canvas inlay.

(Plus shipping, handling and insurance.
Taxes where applicable.)

Mademoiselle Mistinguett

Born Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois in April 1875, she made her debut as Mistinguett at the Casino de Paris in 1895 and went on to  appear in venues such as the Folies Bergère, Moulin Rouge and Eldorado. Her risqué routines captivated Paris, and Mistinguett went on to become the most popular French entertainer of her time and the highest paid female entertainer in the world, known for her flamboyance and a zest for the theatrical. In 1919 her legs were insured for 500,000 francs.

Below is her signature song, “Mon Homme”, in 1916. It was popularised under its English title “My Man” by Fanny Brice and has become a standard in the repertoire of numerous pop and jazz singers.  – Wikipedia.

To learn more about Mademoiselle Mistinguett, Google her, or  search for more of her performances on YouTube.


QUANYIN FINAL WS RED copy18″ X 22″ X 1″ 7/8″
Glass mosaic mounted in custom shadow box.

Quan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition.  She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness. As theBodhisattva of Compassion, She hears the cries of all beings. Quan Yin enjoys a strong resonance with the Christian Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Tibetan goddess Tara.

As a true Enlightened One,  Quan Yin, vowed to remain in the earthly realms and not enter the heavenly worlds until all other living things have completed their own enlightenment and thus become liberated from the pain-filled cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

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